how to cache no-spam message shown its content in mailwatch

Cheng Bruce itlist at
Sat Nov 4 03:59:58 GMT 2006

Hi Glenn,
Sorry. I figure out it. and it runs fine.
I have checked it. Everything works after I configured "SpamAssassin
Local State
Dir =" and removed "SpamAssassin Prefs File =

Thank you for your always helping us.

by the way, I don't see the FuzzyOcr.log generated by SA. Is there
something wrong in setting ?

I still can't understand these meanings, I will read the document again.
I mis-understand these meaning as following

SpamAssassin User State Dir =
SpamAssassin Install Prefix =
SpamAssassin Local Rules Dir =
SpamAssassin Local State Dir =
SpamAssassin Default Rules Dir =

2006/11/4, Cheng Bruce <itlist at>:
> Hi Glenn,
> Sorry for sending to your private mailbox.
> I know this is not right to send into your mailbox, but I really have
> a big problem there, and I am still searching in Gname and Google.
> After I solve my problem, I will re-post what I did so that someone
> meet the same problem like me could be solved.
> I have tried to increase the size into 100K, but before I did that, I
> think that is not main reason, because I checked all spams with gif
> (more than 2K messages in two days), the size belows under 30KB.

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