Greylisting .. nice ..

Rob Poe rpoe at
Fri Nov 3 19:44:50 GMT 2006

I've installed greylisting on 2 mail servers.  On my own personal one
(that was getting hit pretty hard) first for a test period, then on a
client's server (as they were getting 690+ emails that made it through
SA + greet pause + rbls + country blocking (they have no legitimate
business in Europe or Asia).

My thoughts so far are this:  Why didn't I do this sooner. 

I've only received 3 pieces of spam since, and those three were through
a trusted route (i.e. forward I get from another server for admin
messages) that greylisting wouldn't catch anyway..

I used smf-grey and the install went very smoothly.  

Their mail volume is 1/4 of what it was, and looking at MailWatch, is
either legitimate advertising (things not sent from a zombie, and were
signed up for) or actual, legitimate ham email.

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