DBD-SQLite install error?

Desai, Jason jase at sensis.com
Fri Nov 3 16:19:21 GMT 2006

When I try to install MailScanner version 4.56.8 using the tar version,
I get this:

Attempting to build and install DBD-SQLite-1.11
Unpacking perl-tar/DBD-SQLite-1.11.tar.gz
Missing file perl-tar/DBD-SQLite-1.11.tar.gz . Are you in the right

Missing directory /tmp/DBD-SQLite-1.11 .
Maybe it did not build correctly?

I notice that DBD-SQLite-1.12.tar.gz is in the perl-tar directory.
Perhaps the install scripts needs to try to install DBD-SQLite-1.12
instead of DBD-SQLite-1.11?


Jason Desai
Network Administrator
Sensis Corporation
jase at sensis.com
(315) 445-5811

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