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Thu Nov 2 19:49:29 GMT 2006

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Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> You can also increase the "queue scan interval", specially on 
> lower-spec machines, to something higher. In that case your queues 
> might actually fill up enough so that the 30-msg-per-batch default 
> makes MailScanner pick up 30 messages out of, say, 100.
> On very low volume mail servers, you can even decrease that (I've set 
> it to "1" on mine) so that processing is virtually instantaneous.
Don't forget that this is a per-child scan interval. If you set it to 1 
and have 5 children, then the queue will get checked, when the machine 
is quiet, every 0.2 seconds. Which is pretty frequent!
> Sven De Troch spake the following on 11/1/2006 2:24 PM:
> There is a setting in the conf file for max messages per batch, but
> MailScanner will not sit and wait for messages to pile up. If you are 
> running
> 10 children, and mailscanner is set to check the queue every 30 
> seconds, then
> you would have to get something like 600 messages per minute to fill the
> default batch size of 30. If you are getting 10 to 20 messages a 
> minute, you
> will never even break a sweat with 10 children. That would be around 1-4
> messages per batch. You could lower your max children and see if the 
> system
> keeps up.


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