rejecting botnets with sendmail

Brent Addis brent.addis at
Thu Nov 2 08:17:10 GMT 2006

>> Which says, basically, if the host is *not* in my local network list, 
>> and
>> it's not a host I relay for and the sender is not in a special 
>> whitelist,
>> then submit to the rbls listed in /somedir/mail_rbl_lists. If the 
>> host is
>> already excluded the call is never made (wasted). The lists can be 
>> changed
>> without having to do anything with exim, if the file changes exim 
>> reads it
>> again, otherwise it's cached.
> 4 lines for what sendmail does by default compilation, whoa
Swings both ways that does. Exim does things by default, that you need 
to run milter-ahead for with sendmail.

Each to their own.



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