MS 4.55.9 not detecting Mail::ClamAV - fixed, but still too slow

Richard Lynch rich at
Thu Nov 2 01:46:00 GMT 2006

TCIS List Acct wrote:
> TCIS List Acct wrote:
>> The performance difference after just a few minutes is _very_ 
>> noticeable.  It looks like the Mail::ClamAV module solved my 
>> performance issue with ClamAV.  yay!
>> I'll notify Jan-Peter Koopmann (the port maintainer) about the 
>> required fix to get the module to compile.
> I guess I spoke too soon.  Even using the clamavmodule, ClamAV simply 
> can't keep up with the load on my boxes.  I tried disabling f-prot and 
> using just clamavmodule, but over time the queue starts to pile up 
> much more noticeably that when I just have f-prot running.  Oh well.
I think you've got something there.  I've been struggling with the load 
on my MS boxes too.  Until now, I was running with both F-Prot and 
ClamAV.  The idea being that if one scanner was slow with a new virus 
update the other would catch it.  After reading your message I turned 
off ClamAV.  Today the queues were really short and keeping up with the 
load was easy.  We process approx one million messages/day.  Thanks for 
the tip!  It was not apparent to me while monitoring the system that it 
was the virus scanning that was causing the delay.



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