# of messages per batch

Peter Russell pete at enitech.com.au
Wed Nov 1 22:49:22 GMT 2006

Sven De Troch wrote:
> Hello,
> how can I define how much files per batch MailScanner is handling?
> According to the logfiles MailScanner is processing almost always 1
> message per batch, even if there are different messages waiting in the
> queues?
> I have the impression that it takes longtime to process queues of 100
> messages (about 1 minute, av scanning with clamav and bitdefender
> included).
> In my MailScanner.conf:
> Max Children = 10
> MTA: sendmail
> Server: MS Virtual Machine 2GB Ram, 1cpu 2GHz
> Network: 100mbps to the internet (not congested)
> Thanks for some mini tuning tips ;-)
> kind regards,
> Sven
Is this in the wiki? It might be. Its certainly documented int he first 
3rd of your MailScanner.conf file.

Read that file, from start to finish, its choc a block with information 
on MailScanner settings.

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