rejecting botnets with sendmail

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Wed Nov 1 22:39:18 GMT 2006

On Wed, 1 Nov 2006, Rick Cooper wrote:

> I use exim and it allows you to reject based on specific returns (such as
> or anything but a specific return for rbls that return more than
> one possible address. I figured this is such a good idea perhaps sendmail
> had something similar so I hit google and found enhdnsbl, did a quick google
> on FEATURE(enhdnsbl, and found you could use something like
> FEATURE(`enhdnsbl',`',`"554 Rejected "
> $&{client_addr} " found in"',
> ,`',`', `', , `', , `',
> `', `', `')
> Which would reject on all the lists except dul. Or you could have multiple
> FEATURE(`dnsbl', entries, one for each of the lists you wanted to use (there
> are more too). Of course the single call and choose your reject addresses,
> would be more economical I would think.

Sendmail works the identical way, its an "enhanced dnsbl" feature


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