Question regarding FLOCK or POSIX with Sendmail 8.13.x and MailScanner.

Duncan, Brian M. brian.duncan at
Wed Nov 1 19:40:56 GMT 2006

I never was aware of people have some issues back in August with flock
and posix with sendmail 8.13.x and MailScanner.

I have looked through the archives regarding this issue, after seeing
mention of it in a recent posting.  I have found people telling others
to change it to Posix for fixing problem X. I have found at least 1 post
where a person says we have no issues, but is told turn it to Posix or
you will.

We run Linux, we use Sendmail 8.13.x on 3 servers and MailScanner +
SpamAssasin etc..  We dot NOT have anything specified in the
Mailscanner.conf file regarding lock type.

Based on the comments in the Mailscanner.conf it says it will default to
using POSIX on Sendmail. (but says to change it to Posix if running
8.13.x  Does that mean it ONLY auto detects and works properly with
Sendmail 8.12.x and below?  Because mine is defaulting to supposedly
using flock.

When I look in the maillog logs, it says it is using flock.

When I run the command: sendmail -d0.1 -d0.4 -bt </dev/null

I DO NOT see flock in the compiled with field on ANY of my servers.

I have not had any issues that I am aware of with any of my servers.  We
have been using 8.13.x for awhile now, I would guess that
My primary server has probably passed close to 200 million messages with
flock on.  The other 2 servers 5-10% percent of that.

So I am hesitant to switch my settings to POSIX. 

Are there any risks to Switching to Posix if I am not having any issues
with FLOCK?

Thanks for any info.

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