Mailscanner- Quarantine to SQL DB instead of Filesystem?

Richard Thomas richard.thomas at
Wed Nov 1 14:29:59 GMT 2006

falz wrote:
> I'm curious if anyone's written a patch, or know of a trick to
> quarantine a message to a SQL db INSTEAD OF a filesystem path. This is
> in conjunction with Mailwatch, which would obviously have to be
> patched to view this correctly.
> The reason for this is so that I can have multiple Mailscanner servers
> with RRDNS or balanced with same weight MX records and have the
> Mailwatch web interface and SQL database all be seperate.
> Any suggestions?
> --falz
Ouch. The best place to store files is in the filesystem (except in very 
special cases). If you want to share between several computers, you 
might look into one of the several network file systems.


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