Another call for improvements

John Wilcock john at
Wed May 31 12:11:28 IST 2006

Matt Hampton wrote:
> A minor tweak to the init script - please can we have the ability to
> stop the sendmail process without stopping MailScanner - i.e. the
> equivalent to startin/startout

And while you're at it, how about the ability to stop MailScanner 
without stopping the MTA - which can be useful during a MS upgrade.

The options would then be:
   - start / stop / restart / reload
   - startms / stopms
   - startmta / stopmta
	[i.e. start/stop both in and out, or for single-MTA configs]
   - startin / startout / stopin / stopout

Conceivably someone might want to restart or reload just MailScanner or 
just the MTA, but adding options for those is probably overkill!

It would also be nice to further sanitise the output so that it no 
longer issues messages about incoming and outgoing at all for 
single-postfix configs.

Which reminds me - the MailScanner rpm also assumes sendmail as a 
default, and spits out spurious warnings when using postfix (and 
presumably also when using exim or qmail). Hardly a problem, but it 
might be nice to sanitise that too.


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