4.45.6-Process did not exit cleanly, returned 255 with signal 0

Mr jeremy pennington jeremypennington at yahoo.com
Mon May 29 03:24:30 IST 2006

I tried upgrading from 4.45.4 to 4.54.6 today and had
problems so I had to revert back to 4.45.4 which is
working correctly and has been ever since I updated to

I can start 4.54.6 ok but as soon as a message arrives
I get the below message in the log file:

May 28 20:58:47 mail.server.com <22>MailScanner[4822]:
Using locktype = flock
May 28 20:58:47 mail.server.com <22>MailScanner[4822]:
New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 1546 bytes
May 28 20:58:50 mail.server.com <22>MailScanner[4822]:
Archived message k4T0w20J004820 to mbox file
May 28 20:58:50 mail.server.com <22>MailScanner[4822]:
Saved archive copies of k4T0w20J004820
May 28 20:58:50 mail.server.com <22>MailScanner[4822]:
MCP Checks completed at 938678 bytes per second
May 28 20:58:50 mail.server.com <22>MailScanner[4822]:
Spam Checks: Starting
May 28 20:58:52 mail.server.com <12>root: Process did
not exit cleanly, returned 255 with signal 0

Therefore, the messages never gets scanned and the
process restarts and repeats and each time the same
message gets logged to the archive file.

System Info:
Solaris 9
MailWatch 1.0.3
Clam AV 0.88.2
Spam Assassin: 3.1.2

Again 4.45.4 works great, this problem just appears
when I which to 4.54.6. Let me know if you have any
trys, suggestions, or need more info.

Thanks for the help

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