Maximum Attachment Size

José Ferradeira ferradeira at
Sun May 28 13:33:11 IST 2006

Julian Field wrote:

> José Ferradeira wrote:
>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>> José Ferradeira spake the following on 5/26/2006 4:30 AM:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm trying to implement this rule set  in rules/MaxAttachSize.rules:
>>>> To:      user1 at      614400
>>>> To:       user2 at        -1
>>>> Limiting the size of the attach file to 600MB to user 1 and free 
>>>> user2.
>>>> Everything is working, except when I send a 800MB attach file this 
>>>> way:
>>>> To: user1 at
>>>> Cc: user2 at
>>>> Both of users are not able to receive the email, but user2 should 
>>>> recive
>>>> the email and the attach file, right?
>>>> MailScanner version 4.47.4
>>>> Best regards
>>>> Jose
>>> AFAIR only if your MTA splits the messages. Otherwise, it doesn't 
>>> seem to work
>> Hi,
>> Thanks.
>> I'm using MailScanner with sendmail (fedora core 4).
>> Can I do it with sendmail? 
> Yes, I believe it is described in the Wiki. If not, please can someone 
> (Steve S perhaps?) add it as quite a few of you know the answer to this.
> It happens as MailScanner does not split up messages so one recipient 
> gets one response and a different recipient gets another. This 
> restriction rarely causes a problem and enables MailScanner to go a 
> lot faster. It's a design decision I made a long time ago, and it 
> rarely cause a problem that cannot be easily worked around, such as 
> your case (look up "queue groups" in sendmail).
with the configuration from wiki (QUEUE_GROUP), when I restart 
MailScanner I got this message :
outgoing sendmail: QueuePath // /var/spool/ not subpath of 
QueueDirectory /var/spool/mqueue/
and I can no longer receive e-mails.

The solution I found to work is:


Now I can create rules individually for each mail box.

Another question: is it possible to implement a personal content filter? i.e. Can I scan email for a specific word?
The idea is to scan email for adult content without coming from spam.

Many thanks



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