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Best?  Plenty of RAM, plenty of processor and fast disk.  But what you
don't specify is what your mail volume is so it's unanswerable.

Me, I've got the thing running equally as well on slow, old hardware as
on fast, new hardware; really depends on the volume.  For the money
you're wanting to spend, you've got the opportunity to do two machines
with lesser configurations, say d830s with 1gig of ram (or 2, its cheap
now), and raid 1 and do them in a dns round robin to spread the load and
increase redundancy should one barf. 

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Hi there,

I am using Sendmail / mailscanner / spamassassin on several systems now
and have to buy a new one.
I have about $2200 to spend on a mailgateway. I bought a system 2 months
ago containing 4 sata disks in raid5, 2Gb ram and Pentium D830
(dualcore). This runs fine with FreeBSD6.1 for about a month now but
it's not heavily loaded yet. I need to setup a similar system (sendmail
/ mailscanner / spamassassin / clamAV and a second avirus)now. I wonder
if my hardware choice is OK. I've read several hardware articles on the
mailscannersite but it's mainly about older hardware. Someone any idea
about what's best?



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