MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.54.6 released

Dave Shariff Yadallee - System Administrator a.k.a. The Root of the Problem root at
Sat May 27 22:36:46 IST 2006

On Sat, May 27, 2006 at 08:33:56PM +0100, Julian Field wrote:
> I have just released version 4.54.6. The main aim of this release is to 
> remove the (minor) problems there were with 4.53.8.
> The main improvements are support for Sophos 5, and a fix to the 
> phishing net output formatting which could leave some links open.
> I have also upgraded the easy-to-install ClamAV+SpamAssassin to the very 
> latest versions.
> There have also been various other changes, improvements and other fixes 
> since 4.53.
> The full Change Log is:
> * New Features and Improvements *
> - sa-update cron job disabled by default
> - Support for Sophos version 5. This just requires new sophos-autoupdate 
> and
> sophos-wrapper. There are no changes to the core MailScanner code.
> - The Sophos.install script is not needed for version 5 of Sophos. But it
> won't do any harm and will print some useful information on how you
> should configure it, and it will make its best attempts to update the
> virus.scanners.conf file to point to your new version 5 installation.
> So I would still strongly advise that you run Sophos.install to install
> Sophos, even with version 5.
> - When the SpamAssassin cache is being used, the phrase "cached" or "not 
> cached"
> is added to the start of the SpamAssassin detailed report in the headers.
> These words are defined in the languages.conf file so you can change 
> them to
> anything you like, and translate them into your local languages. Please 
> post
> all translations back to me for inclusion in the standard distribution.
> - Added a reference to the message batch in the call to look up 
> "lastafterbatch"
> so that MailWatch can get the batch statistics.
> - Updated loads of Perl modules to more modern versions where there have 
> been
> any significant updates to them. Minor doc and test tweaks have been 
> ignored.
> - Updated many Perl modules in ClamAV+SA easy-to-install package.
> - ClamAV+SA package does not add extra loadplugin lines if they are already
> present in the init.pre and v310.pre files.
> - Added more examples to /etc/MailScanner/rules/README to show all of the
> allowed formats of a numerical IP address range.
> - Upgraded to Filesys::Df 0.90.
> - Added Spanish translation of Thanks to Leonardo 
> Helman.
> - Improved filetype rule for scripts so it doesn't accidentally trigger on
> JPEG images with full metadata tags.
> 5 Added Net::IP Perl module as it is needed for SpamAssassin and Net::DNS.
> 5 Improved handling of Unicode encoded subject lines with a few trailing 
> spaces.
> 5 Fresh translation of German languges.conf file.
> * Fixes *
> - Fixed bug in output formatting of phishing net. This could leave HTML 
> links
> open.
> - Fixed major problem with Web Bug processor.
> - Fixed bug in handling of multi-line Subject: lines in Postfix. Thanks to
> James for this fix and his patch.
> 5 Fixed bug in sophos-wrapper caused by confusion between Sophos V4 and V5.
> 5 Fixed bug stopping regexp rule /^$/ from working properly in rulesets.
> 6 Fixed packaging error with perl-Net-IP.
> -- 

What about Spam Assassin 3.1.2 ?

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