Who has the slowest mailscanner?

John Rudd jrudd at ucsc.edu
Fri May 26 10:30:46 IST 2006

On May 26, 2006, at 12:13 AM, Michael S. wrote:

> In 1993 I purchased my first SCSI drive. It was purchased to add more 
> disk
> space to a BBS we were running, long before anyone ever heard of the
> Internet.


I've been on the net since '86.  Was part of an internet bbs/forum and 
chat community that still has active life to this day.

And, actually, the internet started to become a mainstream topic in the 
US in 1992 (when Al Gore started talking about the Information 
Superhighway, it wasn't long after that that people started to 
associate that term with the internet).  So, I think people hard heard 
of it by 1993, no matter whether you're talking about the mainstream or 

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