Feature request: allow null address in rulesets

Alex Neuman alex at nkpanama.com
Thu May 25 20:12:10 IST 2006

This should also probably go in the # comments at the beginning of the 
spam.blacklist.rules file. New users might appreciate knowing they can 
block <> from specific domains/ips or to specific users/domains.

Julian Field escribió:
> Jim Holland wrote:
>> On Thu, 25 May 2006, Julian Field wrote:
>>> Okay, I found a minor bug stopping this working.
>>> Please apply the attached 1 line patch to Config.pm (in /usr/lib/ 
>>> MailScanner/MailScanner on Linux systems) and then use
>>> From: /^$/ and To: user at domain yes
>>> and you will find it does what you want.
>> Thanks very much indeed - that does exactly what I want!
> In return, please could you write some docs in the wiki about this? 
> You can base it on one of my (or anyone else's) explanations of 
> rulesets, but make sure you include this point as it is very useful 
> for catching bounce messages.
> Thanks!
> A bit of give and take isn't too bad an idea :-)

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