Getting pounded .. sigh

Mike Kercher mike at
Tue May 23 20:18:46 IST 2006

I absolutely LOVE milter-sender!


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> I run a secondary MX for one customer, which gets the poo hit 
> out of it (only 1 or so make it through, though) but the more 
> important thing I do is spam/virus check mail that gets 
> forwarded to customer email systems (i.e. Groupwise).  If 
> they change / add / delete a user, I have to find some way to 
> forward check (yes, I know about milter-ahead, and I still 
> have not decided to use or not use it yet, and I'm not switching to
> postfix) to see if it's valid.  I do reject non-valid 
> addresses to local domains.  

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