MailScanner ANNOUNCEMENT: Your Software Needs You!

Drew Marshall drew at
Mon May 22 11:03:32 IST 2006

On Sat, May 20, 2006 22:46, Julian Field wrote:
> Your Software Needs You!
> I really need some people who are prepared to help with the beta testing
> of new MailScanner releases. MailScanner is now a complex mature
> application and the testing I can do on particular features is not
> enough to prove the co-operation between different settings. This has
> been highlighted in 4.53.
> So if you are prepared to partake in beta testing for me then please
> contact me directly at mailscanner at
> You will need to be prepared to either
> 1) run beta versions on your live MailScanner systems if you are brave,
>     or
> 2) run beta versions on a copy of your mail feed on a test server. This
> can be done (with sendmail) using the "roundhouse" milter available from
> SnertSoft. I'm sure the same can be achieved with Postfix, Exim and
> ZMailer.
> It does not matter how much mail you process each day at all. A home
> user prepared to tweak new settings on a system processing 30 messages
> per day is just as useful as an ISP processing 100,000 messages per day.
> Unknowingly, you will each be testing different aspects of MailScanner,
> so all help is useful regardless of size.
> I am not insisting that you test every single beta test version I
> publish, just that you help where and when you can, particularly in the
> run-up to a stable release. More about that in a minute.
> Unfortunately I can only offer you payment for this in the form of the
> odd T-shirt and the satisfaction that you are making an essential
> contribution to the best email filtering system on the planet.
> The more of you who are prepared to help, the better.
> Let us all work together to maintain MailScanner's high standards in
> quality and performance!

Put me in too but to make my life easier, as I run FreeBSD, I would like
to do this from the ports tree. I know JP does submit the betas to the
mailscanner-devl port but at the moment the ports tree is at 4.45.1, which
is not quite beta :-)


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