Best Way to Control Relaying?

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Muhammad Nauman wrote on Sat, 20 May 2006 12:37:24 +0500:

> : configuration file 
> "/usr/share/spamassassin/" requires version 3.001001 of 
> SpamAssassin, but this is code version 3.000004. Maybe you need to use 
> the -C switch, or remove the old config files? 

This is pretty obvious, isn't it? Upgrade to latest SA. It's also possible that 
you install SA to different locations and now have a partly working old and a 
working new install (or vice versa).

> If my users do'nt Enable that Option - they can still send mail - HOW CAN I 
> STOP this ??

Of course, you have to remove their IPs from access.db.


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