Clamavmodule, what is the proper path to " Monitors for ClamAV Updates" in MailScanner on FreeBSD?

Michael S. admin at
Wed May 17 19:06:24 IST 2006

According to the MS documentation the path to Monitors for ClamAV Updates =
should be pointing to;


Monitors for ClamAV Updates = /var/db/clamav/*.cvd


But on Freebsd there is no such path. The only path I see to *.cvd files on
Freebsd is /var/db/clamv/*.cvd but if you add this path to MS it errors out.


If you use the clamav module it works properly. If we try to use
clamavmodule it complains that it cannot find the *.cvd files.


My question is, what path should Monitors For ClamAV Updates be pointing


Thank you.

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