Best Way to Control Relaying?

Muhammad Nauman nauman at
Wed May 17 07:36:45 IST 2006

> John Rudd escribió:
>> Uh, that's not what it means to be an "open relay".  An open relay is a
>> relay which doesn't restrict who uses it.  Specifically, it is a relay
>> that allows 3rd parties
>> I can see arguments for requiring authentication (it's certainly a good
>> goal, and should be a 'best practice'), but it's still perfectly
> Most ISP's in my country are making SMTP AUTH mandatory; they're doing it
> to address the problem of being, for all practical purposes, "open relays"
> to machines in their networks.

Thankx for clearifying the Use of " OPEN RELAY "

but what i ment to say was exactly what ALEX stated as :

>What Kai means, more accurately, is that, to _your customers_, you _are_ an
>open relay. This also means that to _viruses_ and _spyware_ running on your
>customers' machines, you _are_ an open relay.

And thankx for the Answers :


Now it will be great help here again - if any one can tell me one best HOWTO
which do'nt fuss up with MailScanner or any running Program.

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