Mail refused by SORBS because it is considered dynamic IP??????

Rob Morin rob at
Mon May 15 17:21:54 IST 2006

Right, ok,  thanks, what i did was tell exchange to forward email to my 
isp's SMTP server then.... thanks allot guys/gals/

Have a great day

Rob Morin
Dido InterNet Inc.
Montreal, Canada

Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:
> Michael Baird wrote:
>> It is because of the reverse lookup name. Have your ISP put in a
>> different reverse name for you mail server (have it match the forward
>> even).
>> Non-authoritative answer:
>>    name =
> I've seen this a lot. If your e-mail server is supposed to be called 
> "" then your reverse DNS "should" be called the same. 
> Tell your ISP to do it. Tell them you'll take your juicy 4-year-old 
> contract elsewhere if they say they can't/won't.

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