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Mon May 8 18:46:22 IST 2006

On 08.05.2006 09:37, Sam Luxford-Watts wrote:

>I know we can carry on using V4 for now but any update as to when Sophos V5
>support will likely to be written into Mailscanner?
>>Has anyone got MS working with Sophos v5.0.2? if so - how?

i had no luck with generic-wrapper (every *.ide = virus warning and no 

>"the  sweep/savscan/savscan.base  options are identical"

a copy of sophos-wrapper as sophos-av-wrapper and
"sophos-av" in  virus.scanners.conf and MailScanner.conf did not work.

sorry, i have no developer skills, i assume that it is no problem for 

---- /usr/lib/MailScanner/sophos-wrapper ----
##exec ${PackageDir}/bin/$prog "$@"
exec /opt/sophos-av/bin/savscan "$@"

sophos virusscanner-autodetection does not work if you have 
removed/renamed sav4.x
/usr/local/Sophos/  /usr/local/sav/  /usr/local/sav-install/

i have now sophos (only sav5.x) and clamav

---- /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf ----
#Virus Scanners = auto
Virus Scanners = clamav sophos

i tried different virii  *.com, *.exe, *.zip,  ....
~1 day and sav5.x seems to work without problems.

>roots crontab after sav5.x installation
><crontab update>
>47 * * * * /opt/sophos-av/bin/savupdate
></crontab update>

once again, i have no developper skills.
---- sophos-autoupdate ----
/opt/sophos-av/bin/savupdate >> /var/log/maillog 2>&1
exit 0

---- /var/log/maillog ----
268 bytes downloaded in 0,392609 secs (682,612774 B/s)
/opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/savi/cidsync.upd is up to date
/opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/sav-linux/cidsync.upd is up to 
/opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/doc/cidsync.upd is up to date
342 bytes downloaded in 0,171530 secs (1,947090 KiB/s)
3168 bytes downloaded in 0,288249 secs (10,732907 KiB/s)
/opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/talpa/cidsync.upd is up to date
Failed to download
Failed to download
Verify: /opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/savi/manifest.dat in 
0,222307 seconds
Verify: /opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/sav-linux/manifest.dat 
in 0,362816 seconds
Verify: /opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/doc/manifest.dat in 
0,039915 seconds
Verify: /opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/root_manifest.dat in 
0,036539 seconds
Verify: /opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/talpa/manifest.dat in 
0,138936 seconds
Verify: /opt/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/root_manifest.dat in 
0,038047 seconds
Successfully updated Sophos Anti-Virus

my understanding,
it should be no problem to add real  sav5.x  support in mailscanner for 
a developer but not me.

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