Ryan Pitt ryan at
Wed May 3 20:59:08 IST 2006

Alex Neuman wrote:
> Sorry to sound like a clueless noob (or a one-trick-pony, but you have 
> to admit MailScanner is one hell of a trick!), but all I read is:
> 0) mimedefang blah blah
> 1) mimedefang yadda yadda
> 2) mimedefang adds fluffity-fluff bleebloop
> 3) if they are authenticated, mimedefang bah weep gra-nah weep ninni 
> bong.
> Perhaps I should look into mimedefang so I can add it to my bag of 
> tricks (or at least, so I can follow a simple thread!) :)


Thanks for the chuckle!  I too have no idea what mimedefang is, but, 
like you, all I know is that MailScanner ROCKS!


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