Spamassassin not working after 4.53

Devon Harding devonharding at
Wed May 3 12:58:17 IST 2006

> Did you notice this part:  kinda looks like you might be have a DNS
> issue.....

DNS is ok, I re-ran lint and the names were resolved...

[11996] dbg: dns: name server:, family: 2, ipv6: 0
[11996] dbg: dns: testing resolver nameservers:,,
[11996] dbg: dns: trying (3)
[11996] dbg: dns: looking up NS for ''
[11996] dbg: dns: NS lookup of using
succeeded => DNS available (set dns_available to override)
[11996] dbg: dns: is DNS available? 1

>Have you tried running sa-update again? Perhaps it's a failed sa-update,
>which deleted everything?

Here is sa-learn's output, btw, got the same -lint results

[root at mars MailScanner]# /usr/bin/sa-learn --force-expire --sync -p
expired old bayes database entries in 24 seconds
124411 entries kept, 2400 deleted
token frequency: 1-occurrence tokens: 64.69%
token frequency: less than 8 occurrences: 21.09%

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