Rules and Mailing lists

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed May 3 00:13:55 IST 2006

Matt Hampton spake the following on 5/2/2006 2:40 PM:
>> Is there a better solution to set up the rule using some other email
>> header that will identify email just from joe at without
>> opening up the whole list?
> I am assuming that you have MailScanner "in front" of your mailman
> installation?
> The way that I have it set is is to have a second sendmail process
> listening on loopback which only accepts mail from a list address.
> The incoming message is scanned by MailScanner and passed to mailman.
> MailMan then forwards the expanded mail to the second sendmail process
> which attempts delivery and will place any deferred entries in the
> standard mqueue directory.
> This means each message is only scanned once and rules can be applied as
> you expect.
> matt
Sounds like good wiki fodder! Do you have some details of the setup you did?


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