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Leonardo Helman mailscanner at
Tue May 2 22:09:39 IST 2006


I've been away from the list for a while.

For all the people out there using zmailer+mailscanner (me)
I'm porting now some of the last enhacenmnets.

I'm very interested in ReadMessageHandle modif

But I saw two things I don't understand very well

Julian, inside that function, when you wrote this code:

my $dhandle = $this->{dpath};
sysseek($dhandle, 0, 0); # Rewind the file
copy($dhandle , $handle);
sysseek($dhandle, 0, 0); # Rewind the file

but in the "constructor", it is written like:
$this->{dpath} = $dir . '/' . $this->{dname};

So, this is a file, not really a handle, right?
so the sysseek are pointless.
Or am I forgetting something?

Other thing:

In, when you wrote:

    if (!$entity && !MIME::Entity::MailScannerCounter()>=$maxparts) {
      unless ($this->{dpath}) {

Isn't $this->{dpath} always the name of the datafile (at least for sendmail, 
I really didn't look much of the code for the others), so this "unless"
is always false (so it could be eliminated)?

Last but not least, I think, we have to change a little and
move to the DiskStores the references to $this->{dpath}, like
we have done when I sent to you the zmailer parts.

For those changes for example look, in, look for: "# LEOH 26/03/2003 We do not have dpath in other mailers" (more than 3 years wow!)
I'm thinking something in the line of getFileNameToLog or something, I don't 
remember, but I think, we have done something like that.

I'm sorry that I couldn't do this port when you change that code for the
others, but tomorrow (I hope) I'll finish, test and send to you this patch

Leonardo Helman
Pert Consultores

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