Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at
Fri Mar 31 20:21:20 IST 2006

Anybody here fluent in portuguese? Maybe someone could help him ask a 
question more coherently. It's probably something as simple as "use a 
ruleset" and "separate the queues for separate recipients" but I can't 
make heads or tails of what he's asking.

Maicon Triches wrote:
> how can I to mailscanner it to only send message of annex blocked for 
> the shipper and don't for the destinatario? example: 
> fulano at orders email with annex blocked for 
> ciclano at and the someone receives that the blocked annex 
> and the ciclado one receive that the message without the annex I 
> contend information q the annex I was blocked... don't I want that the 
> destinatario receives this...
> Maik

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