mqueue and have more files than necessary ... should I worry?

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at
Fri Mar 31 13:08:16 IST 2006

First, figure out the maximum time that you hold email before returning
it as undeliverable.  Mine is three days, eg "Timeout.queuereturn=3d"
in my sendmail settings.  Then cd to the queue directory in question,
and do:

find . -mtime +3 -print | xargs rm

Voila, old files are gone.  No need to stop sendmail or MailScanner.

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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> Subject: Re: mqueue and have more files than necessary ... should I
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>>  Anyway, Sendmail will not be able to do anything about it now
>> so you may as well delete those files to gain some speed, huge amount
>> of files in a single directory makes it slow.
> Ah! ... that's incentive enough to make me want to delete these files. :-)
> Any tips and ideas on a fast way to delete the unwanted files?
> Regards
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