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Steve Campbell campbell at
Wed Mar 29 16:36:45 IST 2006

I was surprised, recently, to find out that when HTML is disarmed, I wasn't 
notifying anyone about this. I changed some logging parms and things like 
the "Inline HTML Signature" in the config file, but I am not sure this will 

For the most part, this was never an issue, but being a newspaper, a client 
sent in an attached ad with notes, as HTML stuff, about the ad . The entire 
body of the email was deleted and the notes just disappeared. The email 
looked like an empty email with an attachment. Only the signature was left.

I don't pretend to understand all of this HTML-in-email thing, so I only 
guess at what I need to change. I have a ruleset for all of the different 
categories (like forms, html, etc) and usually just add the sender to all of 
them once someone complains.The bad thing was, there was nothing quarantined 
for this email, so I couldn't send the original.

I'm a little behind on the upgrades (4.36), but I am planning for a time to 
do the latest soon. I don't know if the newer release has any changes in the 
way this is handled.  Do the following parameters make MS tell the recipient 
about the HTML stuff being modified:

Sign Clean Messages = yes # for text?
Mark Infected Messages = yes #for attachments

Thanks. And if anyone has any suggestions, I would certainly like to hear 

Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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