Message Doubles

Drew Marshall drew at
Wed Mar 29 09:24:59 IST 2006

On Wed, March 29, 2006 09:13, spart cus wrote:
> How can i filter the logs for these ? Lots of logs on my maillog. I even
> geting some 3 to 4 messages with the same Message-ID. And for postfix.
>  header_checks to hold.
>  Thanks.

grep the maillog for the message id would be a start (#grep A12DE3901C
/var/log/maillog) but as the message id changes through the MailScanner
process (It's logged) I would really like to see all the logs for the
period of time that the duplicated message was processed e.g. 11:05:13 ->
11:06:23 to show the message being received by Postfix, held, processed my
MailScanner, passed to Cyrus for delivery (I think that was the POP server
you said you were using).


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