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Matt Kettler <mkettler at> wrote: spart cus wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I know i've read this problem before.Though im not using the MS yet. But
> know im currently experiencing this with some of my clients. How can i
> check this out.

Start off by comparing Message-ID: headers.. If the message is a dupe occurring
at the MTA layer, they should be the same. If they're different, some piece of
software that thinks it's at the client level re-generated the message (ie: a
auto-forwarder rule in a client).

Follow up with comparing the path in the Received: headers. Do they differ at
all? If so, one of the servers involved in the difference is responsible.
HI Matt,
 just check the Message-ID Headers and they are the same. It seems it is really on the MTA problem? How can i further check these ?

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