Connection Timeout After 7 Download Messages

Kevin Dermody kevind at
Mon Mar 27 11:31:30 IST 2006

Check the mail that it's getting stuck at? Is it always the same mail?

We occasionally have a problem where it will freeze on a particular 
mail. It's a problem where by certain broken headers freeze outlook. 
Generally they mails are spam and can just be removed which will clear 
things up.

You might want to keep a copy of the mail and try see why it's breaking 
things and if it can be filtered in future.

Just one possibility!

Kevin Dermody
Go2web Ltd.

spart cus wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Some of my clients are complaining that theyre outlook client suddenly  
> looses connection or timed out after 7 messages. I think maybe due to 
> the lenght of time that the server did not response with the request. I 
> tried to restart the MS then some of my clients got their message. The 
> following hour the same scenario happens. Anyone encounter these problem ?
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