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Chris Mason (Lists) lists at
Sun Mar 26 10:39:16 IST 2006

Matt Kettler wrote:
> What MTA are you using?
> (answer varies considerably depending on MTA).
> Also, are you forwarding to an internal mailserver, or is delivery to mboxes
> handled on your MailScanner system?
Mail is first delivered to local mbox without any MailScanner 
involvement, then fetched with fetchmail to internal server and that's 
where I use MailScanner, clamav, spamassassin.

I do this because I don't want to bog down my dedicated server with 
MailScanner, the main job of the server is web serving, and because the 
bandwidth to my internal mail server is not great, so I don't want all 
the spammers trying to send mail to it. I do first level spam blocking 
on the dedicated server using blackhole lists only. If I can block the 
dictionary attacks there, I can cut down on some more of the load and 
bandwidth usage.
I am using apf as a firewall so, if there was a way to pass the ip of 
the sending server as a variable, I could do a 'apf -d senderip' which 
would block it forever.

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