Mailscanner / Mailwatch Installation

John Schmerold john at
Fri Mar 24 21:57:54 GMT 2006

I do not want to turn this post into any kind of holy war within the 
group, however I really need to get a couple Mailscanner boxes on-line 
and I want to use Mailwatch to monitor & maintain the servers.

Here's my problem: I have never managed to install Linux, Mailscanner & 
Mailwatch without fighting odd dependency issues (I hate hate hate CPAN 
-it never works, I always get odd dependency errors)

I'm partial to Red Hat type installs because I've been tinkering with 
various distros for 8 years, I kinda like SUSE because it seems like the 
most professional distro (no holy wars please).

However I really don't care what I use, I just want to burn a DVD or CD, 
install Linux, do a YUM (or equivalent) update, install a couple AV 
applications, install spamassassin,  install mailscanner using, install mailwatch using instructions at:

Based on the mailwatch web-site, I suspect I should use Centos 3.6 
Server distribution, anyone find that something else works flawless &/or 


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