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Paul Houselander housey at
Fri Mar 24 09:56:30 GMT 2006

Emm just noticed the maillog was saying

"Using locktype = flock"

Ive just changed MailScanner.conf to

Lock Type = posix

and the maillog is now saying

"Using locktype = posix"

The comments in the conf file say its posix by default - I didnt have it set
and it seemed to default to flock.

Anway seems to be ok now.


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I upgraded sendmail on my Fedora Core 2 system to 8.13.6, I was on 8.12.....

Ive noticed this morning that Mailscanner is saying

"New Batch Found 150 messages waiting"

and doesnt seem to decrease.

I took a look in /var/spool/ and can see I have lots of qf files
with no matching df.

I thought this could be due to my "Lock Type" setting in MailScanner.conf, I
have it set to

Lock Type =

and the comments say it defaults to posix which should be ok for 8.13?

Any ideas?

Kind Regards


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