Sendmail Vulnerability: critical

Richard Siddall richard.siddall at
Thu Mar 23 22:54:49 GMT 2006

Paul Welsh wrote:
> I'm in the same position, Dave.  My current (but soon to be replaced) server
> is running RH9.  I just installed the legacy yum (thanks Matt Kettler for
> pointing this out) but on running yum update I find I've a list of 85
> updates which I'm loathe to install on a live server unless they're
> absolutely critical - see for the
> list yum presented to me.
> I reckon my best option is to wait for the updated Sendmail to be put on
> and use the "yum
> install <packagename>" option to install just the updated Sendmail.
> Does that make sense?


I believe you can do
	yum update <package-name>
which should let you apply the 85 updates in a controlled fashion.

Also, to update sendmail
	yum update sendmail


	Richard Siddall

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