MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.51 released

Philip Hachey PHachey at
Thu Mar 23 14:49:17 GMT 2006

I'm finally getting around to the March MS update, and wow!

mailscanner-announce-bounces at wrote on 2006-03-01 
> - - New option "Use TNEF Contents" allows you to add the contents of 
> winmail.dat
>    attachments to messages in TNEF format. This means that users not 
> running
>    Microsoft Outlook can read attachments put there by badly-configured
>    Outlook or Exchange systems. Valid values are "no", "add" or 
> "replace" which
>    do pretty much what they say. Explanations are in MailScanner.conf.

SWEET!  What a great idea!  Much kudos!

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