Sendmail Vulnerability: critical

Will McDonald wmcdonald at
Thu Mar 23 10:38:26 GMT 2006

On 22/03/06, Stephen Swaney <steve.swaney at> wrote:
> Ugo,
>  Right now we can only update red hat systems that are registered to run
> up2date.
> I'll leep and eye out for the CentOS patches and I'll build a new
> sendmail-8.13.6 rpms for The 3.0 systems we've updated to sendmail-8.13.x.

CentOS users, check which mirror your using/syncing from. We've been
using Sunsite UK, checking for updates today I noticed they're still
on CentOS4.2 and don't have the Sendmail updates.
had CentOS 4.3 and the latest updates.


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