Sendmail Vulnerability: critical

shrek-m at shrek-m at
Wed Mar 22 20:25:39 GMT 2006

On 22.03.2006 21:06, Dave wrote:

> Thank you for those links. I did not know of that information though i 
> was panicking about the rh9 box. I also didn't know fc3 was no longer 
> maintained, this also concerns me. None of our new boxes will be fc, 
> they'll be CentOS, but in the meantime i have to keep these machines 
> going at least for a while longer. I was wondering if you have any 
> rh9/fc3 or other legacy machines we also hava a 7.3 box, and use the 
> legacy updates page?


> What i was wondering i'm not really enthused about downloading those 
> updates individually, i was wondering if you had a yum setup for them 
> or up2date? If so, can i see your configs?


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