Free versions of milter-sender and milter-ahead?

Thomas Zajic thomas.zajic at
Fri Mar 17 08:28:38 GMT 2006


I'm looking for free versions/clones/workalikes of SnertSoft's
milter-sender and milter-ahead. While I certainly don't have a
problem with commerical products and/or shelling out 340 € for
those milter site licenses for our MailScanner installation at
work, I'd prefer free (beer & speech) solutions for my home
setup. SnertSoft's download page[1] doesn't seem to provide
free home/personal versions of milter-sender and milter-ahead.


The only thing I came up with so far is Spamilter[2], which
seems to include something resembling milter-sender. The Python
Milters project[3] doesn't seem to have any appropriate milter
modules for this at all.


Given that other free MTAs like Exim include this out of the box
(it's called sender/recipient callout[4] there), I'm surprised
about the lack of freely available Sendmail solutions. Or am I
missing something here? :-)


Thanks in advance for any hints/pointers/advice!
Thomas Zajic
senior system administrator


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