From line has ()

hermit921 hermit921 at
Thu Mar 16 16:17:23 GMT 2006

At 06:34 AM 3/16/2006, Joshua Hirsh wrote:
>Hi Hermit..
> > Just ran into an odd problem.  The new Exchange server here
> > seems to reject any message with parentheses () in the body From line.
>  All RFC's and finger pointing aside.. Exchange 2003 doesn't do this by 
> default. Check your configuration, specifically at the mailbox 
> restrictions that you may have setup. If you have restrictions set as to 
> who can email certain addresses in your domain, this would cause the same 
> results as your problem.
>  This configuration is found in your user configuration in AD, under 
> 'Exchange General' and 'Delivery Restrictions'.
>  Good luck..

I got a little more information late yesterday.  If there is a 
syntactically valid email address after the (), the message is 
accepted.  So just the presence of () is not the complete criteria.
From: brgg    works
From: (brgg)   fails
From: (brgg) berby at   works
The Exchange people here are trying to figure out if they can do anything 
about this.


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