byes_toks.expireXXX files {OCVC Scanned}

Trevor Allett tallett at
Thu Mar 16 14:22:07 GMT 2006

Hi list,
As previously stated I have inherited a pair of MailScanners, the
previous admin left. On one of them I have been having a problem with
disk space, the problem seems to be the "bayes_toks.expire" files (at
/root/.spamassassin/), 5GBs of them. The fix, as I understand it, is; 
(How do I control the bayes database from growing out of control right

Stop MS. Delete all files except bayes_journal, bayes_seen and
bayes_toks. Now run "sa-learn --force-expire". I correct? How do I "Stop MS"? and will the Directory fill up

BTW Thanks for previous help with the DAT files.

Trevor Allett.
IT Services Officer
Oxford and Cherwell Valley College
Oxfordshire - UK 

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