mail queue size errors

Harondel J. Sibble mailscanner at PDSCC.COM
Thu Mar 16 06:59:24 GMT 2006

Running MS mailscanner-4.49.7-1 on Centos 4.2 with postfix.  This was a new 
box that was built to replace an older 4.2.x version of MS on Mandrake 9.2.

I migrated the configuration from the old box and did an upgrade on the new 
box, however, even though we have no size restrictions on attachements in 
MailScanner.conf, anything around 10mb or larger is getting bounced. With 
some testing, I see the following in the logs on the MS machine.

Mar 15 22:23:12 mailscan2 postfix/cleanup[23774]: warning: C7D6D14EBEF: queue 
file size limit exceeded

I've checked the list archives at Gmane, but nothing useful found.

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