4.51.6: Messages getting stuck in incoming queue with 4.51.5?

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Mar 13 16:05:33 GMT 2006

On 13 Mar 2006, at 15:51, Gavin Nelmes-Crocker wrote:

> Julian Field wrote:
>> Some of you have experienced problems with occasional messages  
>> getting stuck in the incoming queue with the latest version, when  
>> you have
>>    Use TNEF Contents = replace
>> set in MailScanner.conf.
>> This happened with messages that are delivery error report  
>> messages that contain the whole of the failed message. Fortunately  
>> these are pretty rare these days as most MTAs open quote the  
>> headers, or the first few lines of the message.
>> I have found and fixed the bug, now I actually have a copy of a  
>> message that suffers from the problem!
>> I have released 4.51.6 to fix this bug. It is only worth upgrading  
>> if you are using 4.51 and are suffering from this problem. The new  
>> feature was introduced in 4.51 so there's no need to upgrade  
>> unless you are already running 4.51.
> Thanks Julian
> Will the update process those messages that are waiting - I've just  
> noticed it has 85 messages waiting for no obvious reason other than  
> this.


Julian Field
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