sendmail/MS multiple outbound queues?

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at
Thu Mar 9 19:02:19 GMT 2006


My setup: MS 4.51.5, sendmail, Solaris 9.  I would like to use
sendmail queuegroups on my *outbound* email, and I'm puzzled how
to set up MS and sendmail.  After MS grabs a message out of and processes it, I would like /var/spool/mqueue
to have fastq and slowq directories, with different characteristics.
Something like (in my file):

QUEUE_GROUP(`fastq', `Path=/var/spool/mqueue/fastq, I=10m, R=10')
QUEUE_GROUP(`slowq', `Path=/var/spool/mqueue/slowq, I=2h')

With an entry in my access.db file of:   fastq

I see the "Outgoing Queue Dir" item in MailScanner.conf, but how
would MailScanner know how to sort my outbound mail into different

I want my local to-be-delivered email in a different queue than
outbound internet email.  Thanks for any clues here!

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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