How to block all email sent to a specific email address?

Taso Chatziantoniou TasNYC at
Thu Mar 9 18:41:35 GMT 2006

you can add a line like this to your blacklist or whitelist ruleset

From:     blockemail at and To: youremail at    yes

The problem that i am running into with this as a whitelist rule (probably the same for blacklist) is 
that if you just whitelist to youremail at and the email was sent to or cced to youremail at and 
youremail2 at and youemail3 at and so on it will get whitelisted for all of them.
does anyone know a way around that?

if your not sure what i am asking, here is another example
I have a user named foo and he wants to be exluded from the spam filter altogether because of too many false positives
so i add this line to my whitelist

To:   foo at    yes

Problem with this is if a spam email was sent to foo, mike, harry, bob, jane, frank since foo is in the whitelist
all these people will receive this spam messege no matter the spamassassin score.
not sure if we have any other way around that problem

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Jody Cleveland spake the following on 3/7/2006 11:46 AM:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to create a rule that would blacklist all mail coming in
> for a specific email address?
> Kind of like blacklist *@* to *
> - jody
userdel xavier will block all the mail ;-)

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