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Never mind, I remembered what it was and am now reading how it's supposed to 
be used.


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> Steve Campbell wrote:
>> I work at a newspaper, and it seem that many vaild contributors have and 
>> use yahoo accounts. After checking the logs, I find that about 
>> 99.9999999% emails sent from yahoo accounts are truly spam, but there is 
>> that small percentage that needs to get through. (Of course, these are 
>> always sent and blocked on deadline, so they say)
>> My problem is that all of these yahoo mailings seem to be hit by the same 
>> common rules like FORGED_YAHOO_RCVD and NO_REAL_NAME
>> and the like even though these are valid yahoo accounts. I realize that 
>> yahoo must be doing some non-standard manipulations, but how do others 
>> deal with this other than whitelisting accounts as I get called?
>> My MS is a little bit old, but do the newer versions deal with this or is 
>> this something that will just have to be? I certainly don't want to 
>> whitelist the entire domain!
> You may want to try the (experimental) DomainKeys support in SpamAssassin.
> hth
>> Thanks
>> Steve Campbell
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>> Charleston Newspapers
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