free bitdefender worth it?

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Wed Mar 8 17:27:04 GMT 2006

Greg Matthews wrote:
> is the free linux version of bitdefender maintained? I mention this
> because in a quick test, the latest version failed to detect
> Worm.SomeFool.P (ClamAV).

Yes it is worth it.

Did you check the date of the signatures with

bdc --info


> Checking on and their version of bitdefender
> picks it up as Win32.Netsky.P at mm Most of the engines on this site pick
> it up as a Netsky trojan.
> my bitdefender is 7.1-3, the site above doesnt provide version numbers
> but I suspect version 9 pro.
> I tested by:
> /opt/bdc/bdc /folder/full/of/junk/df*
> clamscan --infected /folder/full/of/junk/df*

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